Line of Duty saison 3

Line of Duty saison 3 photo

Voici la troisième saison de Line of Duty, diffusée sur BBC Two. Après Lenny James dans la première saison puis Keeley Hawes dans la seconde saison, c’est au tour de Daniel Mays d’être le principal suspect d’une investigation dirigée par la brigade anticorruption. Mays incarne le sergent Danny Waldron, leader d’une unité d’intervention rapide dont le comportement imprévisible fait de lui un danger pour ses collègues et les suspects. La brigade anticorruption est alors appelée pour enquêter sur ses actions […]

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The Reformation in the British Isles

The Anglo-American World is predominantly a Protestant and religious world: reformed Christianity largely influenced the culture and ideals. But Protestantism is no British creation for it appeared in the 16th century in continental Europe: A German monk called Martin Luther started a rebellion against the churches' authority in 1517 and founded a new church: "the Lutheran or Evangelical Church". A Frenchman called Jean Calvin rose against authority and influenced indirectly the whole civilization of the English-speaking world. For them, the […]

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"There are varying degrees of evil..."

[Enter Connor, Murphy and Il Duce into the court room - armed. They make the mobster kneel in front of the audience.] Connor (Sean Patrick Flanery) : Now you will receive us ! Murphy (Norman Reedus) : We do not ask for your poor, or your hungry. Connor : We do not want your tired and sick. Murphy : It is your corrupt we claim. Connor : It is your evil that will be sought by us. Murphy : With […]

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