The Invisibles saison 1

The Invisibles season 1

The Invisibles est une série produite pour BBC One, filmée en Irlande et en Irlande du Nord. Maurice Riley (Anthony Head), ouvreur de coffre-forts, et Syd Woolsey (Warren Clarke), guetteur, sont de vieux amis qui reviennent de la Costa del Crime pour s'installer dans un petit village de pêcheurs du Devon. Ils veulent passer leur retraite à la pêche et vivre de la NHS (National Health Service, l'équivalent de notre Sécurité Sociale). Mais la vie tranquille n'est pas pour eux […]

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Inequalities today, Tony Blair's project

In its 1997 General Election Manifesto, entitled New Labour : Because Britain Deserves Better, 'New' Labour laid out its case to the electors : I want a Britain that is one nation, with shared values and purpose, where merit comes before privilege, run for the many not the few ...(p. 1) We are a broad-based movement for progress and justice. New Labour is the political arm of none other than the British people as a whole. Our values are the […]

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The Welfare State : an end to poverty and inequality ?

According to Beveridge, two points of view are presented concerning the introduction of the Welfare State. The established view is that it was introduced in a climate of consensus : wartime hardships, the Evacuation, national solidarity and the acceptance of an increased role for the State in central planning led to a bipartisan approach to the need for durable change in social and health policies in Britain, as in other Western countries. More recently, it has been pointed out that […]

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