The American Civil War : 1861-1865

The American Civil War : 1860-1865 photo

The American Civil War started with the secession crisis on April 12, 1861 and ended up with the assassination of Lincoln and the abolition of slavery on May 9, 1865. It transformed the political, economical and social life of the nation. It first began with a constitutional struggle and then became a test of federal authority but soon took a broader dimension. The initial belief it would be short proved tragically to be mistaken. The seceding states fought to achieve […]

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Ante Bellum South

Introduction The South had developped a unique society and a sense of Southern nationalism. The conflict with the North and the secession were an attempt to create an independent nation. Also a contrast, the South having developped a class system whereas the North was characterized by a social structure. Ante Bellum South A Southern ideology -based on aristocracy- justified slavery. Many (crazy) explanations were put forward like: "the African race is biologically inferior" or "physically and mentally under-developped". Through slavery, […]

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