Evolution of Organized Crime

Evolution of Gangsterism 1929: Wall Street crash. The Prohibition is an attempt to decrease the revenue of alcohol. 1933: election of Franklin Roosevelt, who sets up the New Deal. 1934: Repeal of the Prohibition. Roosevelt had realized the importance of the ethnic vote, and especially the Catholic vote. Creation of the Work Progress Administration (W.P.A.): the state provides the jobs.The Organized Crime became less of a necessity. The vision of the gangster also evolved in the movies: he is now […]

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Organized Crime in America

Organized Crime in America (1929 - 1951) 1929: Wall Street crash, which forced gangsters to find a new wy of making money in a time of recession. 1951: middle of the Cold War. Kefauver hearings started the huge mystification of the Mafia, discovering that organized crime was still on in the U.S. First TV debates on organized crime. In history, gangsters and Organized Crime did exist. Between history and culture, there are matters of ideology: in what way does that […]

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