Organized Crime in America

Organized Crime in America (1929 - 1951) 1929: Wall Street crash, which forced gangsters to find a new wy of making money in a time of recession. 1951: middle of the Cold War. Kefauver hearings started the huge mystification of the Mafia, discovering that organized crime was still on in the U.S. First TV debates on organized crime. In history, gangsters and Organized Crime did exist. Between history and culture, there are matters of ideology: in what way does that […]

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Life in the Plantations

Introduction Most slaves were forced to work long hours under close supervision. Most slaves could rely on their master for basic welfare: clothes, food and shelter. On many plantations, slaves grew their own garden and some even enjoyed a few holidays or received some rewards. Subjugation and resistance Concerning the problem of subjugation, the slaveholders tightly circumscribed the world of their slaves: they had to carry passes with them when they were off the plantation and were forbidden to go […]

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Julia - back from Cannes !

Et la revoilà ! Julia est enfin rentrée de Cannes aujourd'hui : après quasiment deux semaines sans nouvelles pour cause d'overbooking, voici qu'elle poste le résumé des ses tribulations cannoises. Elle s'est occupée de la communication interne du festival, a rencontré une multitude de personnalités internationales et a monté les marches sur le tapis rouge. Oui, comme à la télé ! J'ai pu l'avoir sur Skype hier soir : apparemment c'était la folie là-bas. Nous aurons droit à quelques galeries […]

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