Brother Dege - Too Old to Die Young

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J'ai regardé Django Unchained avec mes Premières la semaine dernière et dans la bande originale du film, j'aime beaucoup le morceau Too Old to Die Young de Brother Dege, un artiste du deep south des Etats-Unis : C'est catchy ! J'ai bien aimé le film aussi, pas aussi violent qu'annoncé, surtout si on le considère comme un western (qui par définition est violent). Le traitement de la question raciale et du racisme aux USA aide bien à la prise de […]

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Life in the Plantations

Introduction Most slaves were forced to work long hours under close supervision. Most slaves could rely on their master for basic welfare: clothes, food and shelter. On many plantations, slaves grew their own garden and some even enjoyed a few holidays or received some rewards. Subjugation and resistance Concerning the problem of subjugation, the slaveholders tightly circumscribed the world of their slaves: they had to carry passes with them when they were off the plantation and were forbidden to go […]

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The Reconstruction

Introduction The Civil War resolved 2 important questions that had not been addressed by the Founding Fathers: the question of sovereignty and the place of the States in the Union the question derived from the conflict about the constitutional protection of slavery With the collapse of the Confederacy, the Government confronted the difficult issue related to the readmission of the seceding States and the citizenship of former slaves. I. A new phase On April 13th 1865, President Lincoln and his […]

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